Medford Oregon Dent Removal Service

Medford Oregon Dent Removal Service

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Road accidents are quite common in the United States. Every day, multiple incidents happen on the US roads. Apart from personal injury, car owners have to deal with another fearsome prospect – their precious car damaged and dented from the collision. A dent on your prized vehicle not only ruins the beauty of it, it also dents your happiness in a major way. At Apland’s Auto Body repair, we aim to fix all dents and damage your car has suffered from in a collision and restore it to its pre-accident condition as soon as possible. Our auto repair shops are designed to be able to handle any collision repairs your vehicle needs, for vehicles of all makes and models. We offer a wide range of services like frame repair, dent repair and paint jobs. Apland’s Auto Body is a name that inspires trust among the residents of Grants Pass and Medford and the surrounding area.

About Our Company:

Apland’s Auto Body is an auto repair company that aims to offer Medford and Grants Pass residents superb dent and collision damage repairs and restore their vehicles to their pre-collision stage. The company has made its mark on the industry and gained widespread recognition as one of the top names in auto repairs. Backed by a significant customer base, Aplands offers excellent damage repair, ensures top-notch customer satisfaction and sets the standards among its peers. Its commitment to excellence and attention to customer demands have turned it into a go-to brand for dent repair services.

Our Services:

Apland’s Auto Body Repairs promises to repair all sorts of collision damage including dents and restore the damaged vehicle to its pre-crash conditions. Customers of this company can choose from an extensive, all-inclusive range of restoration services to return normalcy to their life as soon as possible. Apland provides the following services:

It offers expert claims handling. The company also offers restoration services for vehicles of all makes and models. Fleet and utility vehicles can be serviced here too. In addition, Apland also provides RV dent repairs services. Dented Marine vehicles of various sizes can also be fixed by this company. Apland’s Auto Body also offer rental car or shuttle services to stranded customers.

The company believes in fast, full restoration to the original conditions. Therefore, the vehicles are given a factory-matched paint job by using the same paint colors the car manufacturer used initially. Sonar technology, climate controlled downdraft spray and bake booth are used to measure your vehicle’s frame and ensure optimum match with original conditions respectively.

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Why Choose Us?

Why settle for second best when your safety is on the line? Apland’s loyal customers will mention several reasons why it is their company of choice.

Through years of unrivalled dedication to top-notch customer service and gaining job experience, Apland has established itself as one of the top names in dent repair. The company’s success is founded in its highly skilled, factory trained workforce that has certification for aluminum vehicles. Apland technicians possesses I-Car certification and have to undergo rigorous on-site training to stay updated with current technologies. State-of-the-art equipments and technologies are used to ensure top-notch results. The company works with all the major insurance providers to bring you a seamless experience throughout the entire process. Comparing the equipments, experience and expertise of Apland with “preferred shops” of your insurance providers will underline the difference that Apland brings. Customers can get free assessment of their vehicles and the Hassle-free National Limited Lifetime Warranty assures them that their vehicles were serviced following factory specifications. Use of PGE Envirobase paints containing less harmful chemicals and lessened solvent fumes leave the air cleaner and less polluted.

Contact Us:

Feel free to call us directly at 541-973-2214 (Medford), 541-244-1457 (Grants Pass) for any queries and an estimate. You can also visit our homepage for detailed information. We look forward to serving you.