Medford Oregon Collision Repair

Medford Oregon Collision Repair

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Collision Repair Medford
Road accidents are a common phenomenon in the USA. In most cases, the car owners have to deal with two separate drawbacks, personal injury and damage to their precious vehicles. It’s hard enough to recover from a collision in itself, but the damage done to your prized car makes it unbearable. The mangled vehicle body after the collision is a sorry sight that causes severe sadness to its owners. Furthermore, the impending hassles involving the cumbersome insurance claims process is another major headache that the car owners have to deal with. However, all hope isn’t yet lost. Thanks to Apland’s Auto Body repair services, you can now take care of all of that and more. Stay relaxed as the Apland’s Auto Body takes care of your car’s collision damage repairs and deals with the insurance providers to return normalcy to your life.

About the Company:

If you have ever been involved in a collision incident on the roads, you can relate to the issues that car owners face after damaging their precious vehicle on the roads. Apland’s Auto Body is a collision damage repair company who aims to restore vehicles damaged in car crashed to their pre-accident conditions and take care of the process involving insurance providers on behalf of the car owners. It aims to serve the residents of the Medford and Grants Pass along with the surrounding areas. We, at Apland’s Auto Body recognize the need for our customers to be able to return to their daily life routines as soon as possible. That’s why we strive to provide an extensive range of lightning-quick collision repair services and return their vehicles back to the undamaged condition as early as possible.


Apland’s Auto Body is your one-stop destinations for everything related to collision repair Medford. Take your pick from these top-notch services offered by the company for your damaged vehicle.

  1. Expert insurance claims handling of the company will definitely save you from being involved in the hassles.
  2. Extensive all-inclusive collision damage repair for vehicles of all makes and models.
  3. Full restorations of vehicles damaged in collisions to their original conditions.
  4. Factory matched paint colors to resemble the paint job of the original car manufacturer.
  5. Collision damage repair for fleet and utility vehicles.
  6. Collision damage repair for RV motor homes.
  7. Collision damage repair for marine vehicles.
  8. Rental car or shuttle service for customers requiring collision damage.
  9. Measuring the damaged vehicle’s frame with Sonar technology.
  10. Ensuring optimum match with original conditions through the use of climate-controlled downdraft spray and bake booth.

Why Choose Apland’s Auto Body Services:

We believe that our customers deserve nothing less than the very best. Therefore,  we have continuously strived to provide top-of-the-class collision damage repair services to our loyal customers. Our company has gained valuable work experience through our unrivalled dedication to our job over the years. We have assembled a highly skilled, factory-trained workforce comprising of individuals who are passionate about their jobs. Our technicians are certified for aluminum vehicles and constantly undergo rigorous training to stay adept in the current technologies. Our employees are genuinely concerned about customer wellbeing, which is why our customers have nothing but praise for our services. We utilize the latest technologies and modern equipment to render top-notch service. Apland technicians possess I-Car certifications and collaborate with the all major insurance providers to ensure a seamless experience for the customers during the entire process. Our customers can take advantage of the hassle-free estimate and Hassle-free Natural Lifetime Guarantee to be assured that their vehicles are being treated to the highest factory specifications. Apland also allows you to get your vehicle repaired at any shop of your choice. We also use environment-friendly PGE Envirobase paints, which contain reduced harmful contents and produce reduced solvent fumes.

Medford collison repair

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Feel free to call us directly at 541-973-2214 (Medford), 541-244-1457 (Grants Pass) for any queries and an estimate. You can also visit our homepage for detailed information. We look forward to serving you.