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Medford Oregon Auto Body Repair

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One of the biggest fears of car owners is running into an unwanted accident on the roads. Road accidents are a common phenomenon for United States, with numerous incidents happening every day. With the abundance of drunk drivers, reckless teenage drivers, and unfocused senior citizens driving on the roads, it’s quite likely to encounter an accident with your precious vehicle. For car owners, the worst sight in the world is their beloved vehicle lying in ruins with the aftereffects of a collision in full display. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, it is quite understandable to feel bereaved. However, with the assistance of our professional auto body repair services, you can restore your vehicle to pristine pre-collision conditions. We, at Apland’s Auto Body repairs, aim to provide extensive repair services to restore vehicle bodies damaged in a collision to their original conditions. Let our experts take care of your damaged car and watch as your car gets the best repair treatment money can buy.

About Our Company:

Apland’s Auto Body Repairs was established as an auto repair company that aims to provide the best auto repair services to the residents of Grants Pass and Medford. Based in Southern Oregon, Apland’s Auto Body Repairs has offered its customers top-notch auto body repairs since its inception. Renowned for fine work among the sizeable population of its loyal customers, the company has gained a reputation for offering excellent repair services, achieving superior customer satisfaction and in general, setting the bar high in the industry. Apland’s Auto Body takes great pride in its commitment to excellence and hopes to serve its customers to the best of its ability for years to come.

Our Services:

Apland’s Auto Body Repairs offers an extensive, all-inclusive range of restoration services for damaged vehicle bodies. We provide the option to restore damaged vehicles of all makes and models to their original, pre-crash state. Apland’s covers the following services:

It deals with claims handling with expertise. The company also offers restoration services for all makes and models. Servicing is available for fleet and utility vehicles too. In addition, Apland’s has documented success on RV repairs services. The company has also successfully repaired marine vehicles of various sizes. Apland’s Auto Body repairs also offer rental car or shuttle services to the crash location and stranded customers.

We believe in full restoration to the original conditions. Therefore, we offer our clients the joy of watching their vehicles getting a paint job involving factory matched paint colors. We use the same paint colors the car manufacturer used initially. After we are done, you won’t find a trace of the collision looking at your vehicle. Climate controlled downdraft spray and bake booth is used to ensure optimum match with original conditions. We also use sonar technology to measure your vehicle’s frame.

Medford auto body repair

Why Choose Us?

When the safety of you and your family is on the line, you shouldn’t settle for second best. Apland’s reputation as the best in the business has been accrued through years of dedicated service and gathering valuable job experience. We have a highly skilled, factory-trained workforce who is certified for aluminum vehicles. Our technicians possess I-Car certification and undergo rigorous on-site training to stay on top of current technologies. We use state-of-the-art equipment and technologies to ensure top-notch results for our clients. Our company works with all the major insurance providers to bring you a seamless experience throughout the repair process. If you compare our equipment, experience and expertise with any “preferred shops” of your insurance providers, you will find that Apland’s passes with excellence. You can take advantage of our free assessment of your vehicle and Hassle-free National Limited Lifetime Warranty, which will assure you that your vehicle was serviced following factory specifications. Our use of PGE Envirobase paints containing less harmful chemicals and lessened solvent fumes that leaves the air cleaner and less polluted.

Contact Us:

Feel free to call us directly at 541-973-2214 (Medford), 541-244-1457 (Grants Pass) for any queries and an estimate. You can also visit our homepage for detailed information. We look forward to serving you.